Troubled Turtles Post-Jam Update!

Post Jam Update is Live!

With mobile support, undo feature, easier controls and QoL improvements!


  • You can now hold the arrow keys to move without the need to frequently tap them 
  • Added an Undo feature (press U or Z to undo)
  • Added basic mobile support
  • Added a turtle slide effect
  • Added a screen shake effect when turtles eat
  • Added a move animation for turtles
  • Added a level complete dance animation for all turtles
  • Changed the color of the arrow on the turtles' backs
  • Added another layer for the sound icon
  • Changed the screen transition fade color to fit the palette
  • Made the screen transitions faster
  • Improved some tutorial levels to better explain the mechanics of the game
  • Removed an alternate solution to level 9
  • Improved level 16
  • Current level is now marked when entering the levels menu
  • "Start" is replaced with "Continue" if you advance in levels and go back to the main menu
  • Added a quit button on desktop

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Great update!! Good job making it :D


Thanks! :D


You’re more than welcome!!